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Sometimes your PC or laptop just isn’t doing it for you anymore. The 1 mb files you used to have to deal with are now 25 mb files. The simple graphics your clients used to request from you are now resource intensive 3D concoctions that are overwhelming your system and taking a significant bite out of your productivity. If your older laptop or PC is being left behind by today’s typically big files and byte-hungry apps you’re probably tempted to go out and pick up a new one. But you may not have to. Instead, bring your PC or laptop to Affordable Computers in Wheat Ridge and let us speed it up for you.

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Even Cheap Laptops Can be Speeded Up

Many of today’s work-related files are several orders of magnitude larger than those of just 5 years ago. Laptops and PCs that used to be more than adequate often struggle to accommodate these behemoths. But the fact that your PC or laptop is choking on mbs doesn’t mean you have to pony up big bucks for a new machine. Instead, bring it to Affordable Computers and let us speed it up for you.

Speeding up Affordable Computers

Even cheap laptops can be significantly speeded up by the pros at Affordable Computers in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • By Installing a solid state drive (SSD) - Solid state devices have been around for some time but have only recently been embraced by the computer industry. There are several advantages to having Affordable Computers install an SSD on your computer, beginning with the fact that, unlike a traditional spinning hard drive disk, the SSD has no moving parts that could malfunction. On top of that the SSD uses less power than a traditional hard drive, boots up many times faster, provides higher readability and, most crucially, provides faster access to your data.
  • By Upgrading Your RAM - Often times the reason a computer has ground to a halt is because there simply is not enough random access memory or RAM to process the files a person is trying to process. If your productivity has recently taken a hit and your machine is more than 3 or 4 years old the chances are good that insufficient RAM is the reason. So if your system has less than 2 GB of RAM it’s time to bring it in to Affordable Computers and have us stick a few additional gigabytes of memory in there. It only takes a few minutes, won’t cost much and you’ll likely be amazed at the difference.
  • Let Us Install Alternative Programs - Photoshop is an incredible productivity app but it is a resource hog of epic proportions. The fact is, however, that many times people don’t really need all the advanced functionality associated with an app like Photoshop. They just need something that will do some basic photo editing. We can install alternative programs such as GIMP. GIMP is not only much more system friendly than Photoshop, but the newest release provides many of the exact same features as the better known app. Using a program like GIMP will really speed up your workflow and free up limited system resources for other things. In addition, while Chrome has somehow managed to become the world’s most popular browser, few programs are less efficient. If you have an older PC with limited resources switch to a better, more efficient browser like Firefox or even Microsoft’s Edge. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Switch to Linux - We’ve been so conditioned to believe that there are only 2 viable operating systems in existence (Windows and iOS) that we forget that there has been a third, equally viable OS floating about cyberspace for years: Linux. If you have an older machine and you’re attempting to run Windows 10 on it, performance of that machine has likely ground to a halt. Instead of sacrificing the viability of your laptop or PC to your operating system let the pros from Affordable Computers in Wheat Ridge install Linux instead. Linux isn’t a great option for gaming, but if you use cheap laptops primarily as a work productivity tool you’ll experience an immediate and significant boost in performance by having us install the Linux OS. We understand that such a move can seem disorienting to our customers. So before deciding to go ahead with a Linux install talk to our specialists about the differences between the systems and exactly how Linux can benefit your PC or laptop.
  • Buy a Refurbished Laptop or PC - Sometimes it’s just not worth it to try and squeeze more performance out of an old PC or laptop. The smartest thing to do is to replace it. But even then you don’t need to drop serious money on a brand new machine when you can often get the same level of performance out of a refurbished laptop. The fact is that computer performance has pretty much reached the point where new upgrades are virtually undetectable. So picking up a refurbishing machine that’s only a year or so old will provide essentially the same performance as a brand new machine. And do so at just a fraction of the price.


If you have an older computer you probably don’t have to replace it with a brand new one. Instead talk to the pros at Affordable Computers about speeding up your current machine or replacing it with a refurbished one.


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