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When you buy a used laptop more often than not it comes with a bunch of programs the previous owner installed but which are now useless because A) 99% of software licenses are non-transferrable B) they’re not the programs you want anyway and C) even if you were tempted to try to use this legacy software it’s probably several generations out of date and may no longer even be supported. In addition, today’s multiplayer games don’t run on hope and happiness. They require lots of RAM, a high-end processor and a WiFi connection. Below we’ll look at why refurbished PCs and cheap laptops from Affordable Computers & Repair in Wheat Ridge have it all over used laptops when it comes to software and gaming.

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Refurbished Cheap Laptops are Your Best Bet

Oftentimes people buying used laptops from strangers are bowled over by the sales pitch and ignore the important stuff. Here’s how used laptops and PCs can sabotage your desire to use the latest software or your plans to rule the online gaming world:

  • Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t - When you buy a used laptop you’re basically flipping a coin. Maybe it’s in good working order, maybe it’s not. Maybe the motherboard is on its last legs, maybe it’s not. You may in fact get halfway into installing your new software when the used computer seizes up and goes to that big microprocessor in the sky. When you purchase a refurbished computer from Affordable Computers & Repair in Wheat Ridge, Colorado the machine you’re getting has been thoroughly inspected and cleaned up. If there were any issues you can rest assured they have been fully resolved. It’s ready to rock. Guaranteed.
  • There may be viruses lying in wait - When you buy a used laptop it may have some very nasty programs just lying in wait for you. You might not notice them when you try the machine out but some malware programs can operate in the background avoiding detection for years. While some viruses are like slow motion train wrecks that only reveal themselves over time. You could install your new software, have it eaten by a virus and have the software maker turn a deaf ear to you when you try to replace the devoured program. By comparison when you purchase a refurbished laptop from us the hard drive has been completely scoured and is certified virus and malware free.
  • The laptop may not be WiFi enabled - With so many aspects of computing moving to the cloud having a laptop that’s WiFi capable is crucial if you’re to get the most out of your software or gaming efforts. This begs the question: would you be able to tell just by looking at it if the laptop you’re about to buy from somebody you never met is, say, 5 years old? The fact is some laptops from 2013 or 2012 don’t look all that different than some of today’s laptops. The problem is back in the old days of 2013 the majority of laptops were not WiFi enabled. It was considered a luxury that only a few high end machines possessed. If you’re buying one of those older laptops now just assuming you’ll be able to sit in Starbucks and use it in conjunction with Creative Cloud features or for online gaming you may be in for a rude awakening.
  • It may come up short in the memory department - When you buy a used laptop from a private seller it might look good but unless you know how to check you may not realize that it’s more than a little deficient in the RAM and storage departments. Why does that matter? Because today’s latest software offerings are nothing if not memory hogs. Photoshop, for example, doesn’t really live up to its potential unless you have at least 8 GB of RAM to feed it. Get a used laptop and you may not have more than 2 GB. Which means some of your new software installs are going to become crash generators. At Affordable Computers & Repair we sell several different grades of refurbished laptops and PCs with up to 12 GB of RAM and as much as 1.5 TB of storage.
  • It may take you out of the game - Many of today’s top software programs devour memory like it was going out of style. But great gobs of RAM isn’t the only thing important to computing today. If you are buying a used laptop or PC and intend to use it for gaming you may find yourself very disappointed. First of all most of today’s most popular games require an absolute minimum of 8-12 GB of RAM, at least an 8th generation multi-core processor and a high-end graphics card. What are the chances you’re going to find all of those things on the used 4 year old laptop the guy you never met before is trying to sell you? Slim and none. On the other hand premium refurbished laptops and PCs from Affordable Computers & Repair will more than hold their own when it comes to gaming and they’ll probably cost you less than the essentially useless used laptop you were going to buy.

Don’t get stuck holding the bag. When you’re looking for affordable PCs and cheap laptops that will fulfill all your software and gaming needs look no further than the company more Colorado residents trust more than any other: Affordable Computers & Repair in Wheat Ridge.


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