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While many refurbished laptops are machines that simply never found a buyer and were returned to the factory many others did have previous owners (typically businesses) and so are technically “used”. However, the fact that a refurbished laptop may be used doesn’t mean that buying one is the same as buying a used machine from a private owner. The two types of computers are in fact very different in some very important ways. Below we’ll take a close look at those differences and why you should always choose a refurbished machine when shopping for cheap laptops.

Refurbished computer

All Cheap Laptops are Not Created (or Re-created) Equal

Some folks are stuck on the mistaken notion that “refurbished” and “used” are the same thing. They’re not. While it’s true that many refurbished laptops had previous owners they aren’t being offered for sale by those previous owners. First they’re either going back to the factory or to a qualified computer reseller for a thorough checkup and to have any issues diagnosed and addressed. That additional step between former owner and the resale market is crucial and here’s why:

All hardware is verified to be in good working order

When you buy a refurbished laptop from Affordable Computers & Repair in Wheat Ridge all of its hardware components have undergone a thorough diagnostic check and are verified to be in top working order. In fact refurbished laptops - even the oldest ones - typically come with at least a 30 day guarantee. So in the unlikely event a problem is discovered you can bring it in and have it addressed for free. When you purchase a laptop from a private owner you have to take their word for it that everything works. If you discover serious hardware problems afterward you’re stuck.

You can be sure of the machine’s history

When you purchase cheap laptops from private individuals the seller may not have the original sales receipt. In which case you have to take their word that the machine is actually theirs and not something they swiped from Starbucks the day before when the owner was up getting their latte. If you think that’s an unlikely scenario, think again. More than a million laptops are stolen every year. If the laptop you buy turns out to be stolen you could be implicated in the theft. At Affordable Computers & Repair all of our refurbished affordable computers are sourced from original owners able to prove ownership or large companies turning in their old laptops for new ones. There’s never any question about their lineage.

You won’t stumble upon the previous owner’s compromising material

When people have had a computer for a while it often accumulates things they wouldn’t want anyone else to see. The problem is, they sometimes bury those things so good even they forgot they are there. You then go ahead and buy the laptop. Some time afterward you - or your son or daughter - is innocently exploring the new device and bingo! An entire folder full of fetish porn downloaded from the internet, copies of personal emails or drafts of disturbing letters never sent or home videos that never should have left the bedroom. When you purchase a refurbished laptop from Affordable Computers we make sure we wipe every last trace of the previous owner from the device before offering it for resale.

You can customize your machine

When you buy from a private individual you’re going to get what you get. If you’re looking for specific programs or a certain amount of memory or any other specific features you’re out of luck. In addition, the licenses for any software on that machine are not going to transfer to you. So while all those desktop thumbnails might look impressive you won’t be able to update any of the programs. Likewise that used machine might also be loaded with preinstalled software that is difficult to remove and is slowing it down. Cheap laptops that have been refurbished however, are clear of unusable or unwanted software and you are free to customize the machine in any way you see fit.

In a word: accountability

When you purchase a used laptop from a stranger there is a good chance you’ll never see that person again. Even if you have their number good luck trying to get some kind of satisfaction if you get the blue screen of death 3 days after buying a computer from them. Happily, that’s not the case when you purchase cheap laptops that have been refurbished from Affordable Computers in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. If a problem occurs with your machine after buying it just give us a ring or swing back around to our store and we’ll take a look. If it’s a result of something we did we’ll set it right without delay. Even if the problem has nothing to do with us if the computer is still under warranty we’ll fix it for free. And if you’re just confused about something or need some advice on software or hardware accessories give us a ring.


There is a world of difference between a buying a used laptop from a private buyer and purchasing a refurbished laptop from Affordable Computers & Repair in Wheat Ridge. Give us a call today at (720) 643-5937 to find out more about why refurbished laptops are the smart choice for students, busy professionals, schools and more.


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