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With the difference between this year’s laptops and last year’s so small these days it often doesn’t make any sense to pay several times more for something that provides advantages only a computer expert could appreciate. But while cheap laptops of the refurbished variety make a lot of sense from both practical and financial perspectives it’s important that you know what type of refurbished laptop you’re getting, since they fall into several different categories, or “grades”. Below we’re going to take a look at the different grading definitions for refurbished laptops so that you can make an informed decision about which of these affordable computers is right for you.

The Grading System for Refurbished Cheap Laptops

The grading system for refurbished laptops is the same in Colorado as it is everywhere else in the US. Essentially, it’s divided into three different classifications: Grade A, Grade B and Grade C. Below is a general guide to the different grades.


When a refurbished laptop is classified Grade A it indicates the laptop is fairly new, in excellent overall condition and has few, if any, signs of physical wear and tear. Grade A refurbished laptops are often those that have no previous owner but rather simply sat unsold on the shelf until the new models arrived. At that time they were returned to the factory, inspected and sold as refurbished. Other Grade A laptops may have been shipped to a customer who opened the box, realized it wasn’t the laptop he ordered and then reboxed it and returned it to the seller. Still others are those that belonged to corporate executives and the like who may have hardly used them. Grade A refurbished laptops will be the most expensive type. Although their cost will still be just a fraction of what they would have cost new. The key features of the Grade A refurbished laptop are:

  • Virtually pristine condition. Like new appearance. No scratches or dings of any kind.
  • Outstanding feature set. Fast with plenty of RAM.
  • A generic or refurbished power cable and adapter.
  • Generic packaging with owner’s manual included.
  • Most Grade A refurbished laptops will carry a 1 year warranty or perhaps a bit longer. It depends in most cases on the seller. Always make sure to ask about warranty details.


Refurbished affordable computers with a Grade B rating will typically be in very good condition. There may be some wear and tear on the keys in that the lettering may be worn away a bit or there might be a scratch or two on the shell that’s hard to notice unless you are looking for it. There might be a light scuff somewhere on the screen but nothing serious. The entire shell as well as the frame of the screen will be completely intact with no cracks or chips. All keys will function properly as will the finger pad and mouse.

The mouse may be refurbished itself or be a generic model that is compatible with the laptop. In general, although there may be a cosmetic issue or two the laptop will function as you would expect any new computer to. Grade B refurbished laptops will typically be a bit older than Grade A laptops. Perhaps two years instead of one. The essential features of Grade B refurbished cheap laptops are:

  • Good overall physical condition. It may show a few discrete signs of wear and tear but nothing unusual. No cracks or water damage.
  • Robust feature set capable of handling most any contemporary software.
  • Generic or refurbished power cable and adapter
  • Generic packaging but possibly no manual.
  • Warranty from 30 days to 1 year. Depending on the seller. Make sure to ask about warranty details.


Grade C refurbished cheap laptops are in good overall condition, although they will typically be a bit older and may show obvious signs of wear and tear. There may be minor cracks in the shell, minor scratches and dings and the screen may exhibit a number of scratches and scuffs (although it should operate without incident). In some cases there may be small fragments of the casing or trim that are broken or missing. There will likely be visible wear on the keys that may make a few difficult to read. Although all keys will operate properly. As will the finger pad and mouse. The mouse may be replaced by a generic mouse. Here is what you can expect when you purchase a Grade C refurbished laptop in Wheat Ridge or Denver.

  • The shell will show some visible signs of age, wear and tear. There may be minor dings or cracks and perhaps some damage to the frame around the screen or the corners on the body.
  • None of the cosmetic damage will in any way impede performance.
  • It will come with a generic or refurbished power cable and adapter.
  • Packaging will be minimal and there will be no manual.
  • Any warranty is likely to be short. Perhaps 30 days. Make sure you ask about warranty details before buying. It should have some type of minimal warranty.

The Bottom Line

Refurbished laptops make a lot of financial sense for individuals and especially for businesses, whether they’re big or small. The important thing is to buy from a trusted seller and always ask about warranty information. If you would like to learn more contact Affordable Computers & Repair in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.


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